Welcome to UROPAC!

Urology's Advocate on Capitol Hill

Welcome to UROPAC!


UROPAC is the bipartisan political action committee sponsored by the American Association of Clinical Urologists. The PAC advocates on behalf of the urologic community and sends a message to members of Congress that urologists want to be a partner in the political process. Supporting candidates that believe in preserving the doctor patient relationship and the independent practice of urology are the major focus of UROPAC.

The PAC offers urologists an opportunity to combine their individual contributions in support of Members of Congress that understand the important role urology plays in our healthcare system. We represent urologists in the United States, from the small, independent clinician to large group practices and those practicing in hospitals and academic centers. With the ever-increasing presence of government in the practice of medicine, it is critical that urology maintains a positive, focused voice on Capitol Hill through UROPAC. Thank you for your investment in UROPAC. Urology is our specialty and UROPAC is our voice.

​Charle​s (Chip) McWilliams M.D.
UROPAC Chair 2024

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