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Urology's Advocate on Capitol Hill

UROPAC Legislative Priorities

Support Early and Accurate Disease Detection, Research-Led Prevention Strategies

    • Eliminating Misdiagnosis and Reducing Wasteful Medicare Spending 
    • Improve Preventive Task Force Recommendations, Preserve Access to Prostate Cancer Screening 

Promote Physician-Led Urologic Care and Ensure Patient Access to Effective Treatments

    • Make Prescriptions More Affordable and Accessible by Increasing Transparency and Regulation of Pharmacy Benefit Managers

Encourage Patient-Centered Payer Reform Efforts in the Public (Medicare, Medicaid)
and Private Sectors

    • IPAB Repeal 
    • Modernize Law Restricting Coordinated Care (“Stark Law”) 
    • Patients Over Paperwork: Reducing the Burden of Medicare Red Tape 
    • State Advocacy Network: Proposed Referral Restrictions Create Roadblocks to Patient Care (Colorado) 

Minimize Defensive Medicine and Enhance Patient Safety with a Well-Trained

Physician Workforce 

    • Graduate Medical Education and Physician Workforce Shortage 
    • Medical Liability Reform: Protect Physician Volunteers During National Disasters 

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